A woman has endured an awkward commute to work after a man she dated snubbed her.

Train romance

Train romance

A female looking for love, who is only known as Pam, exchanged a string of flirtatious messages with a male she was matched with on the dating site Tinder.

According to Elite Daily, the mystery male instigated the conversation between the two, and admitted Pam had caught his attention.

During their journeys to and from work in America the duo sat and spoke to each other for the entire trip for several weeks.

But things turned a little sour when the mystery male told Pam he was deleting his profile because his work colleagues had found his page, which caused Pam to suspect something odd, although they exchanged telephone numbers to stay in touch.

However, since the confession the pair have not been in contact, which Pam finds ''so awkward'' because they see one another on the train every day.

She said: ''It's honestly so awkward that neither of us is willing to say anything to each other.

''It's even crazier that he'd go out of his way to message me after matching with me on Tinder, knowing we saw each other every single day.''