A woman has found a banana infested with spider eggs.

Spider find

Spider find

Debbie Campbell was about to give the tasty treat to her 18-month-old child Abie to tuck into, but stopped in her tracks when she noticed a cluster of white eggs on the product.

And it wasn't until the mother took a closer look at the clump she realised it was the eggs of the venomous Brazilian wandering spider, The Metro Online has reported.

Unsatisfied with her purchase she returned it to the Tesco branch in Milton, Cambridgeshire, she bought it from.

Speaking about the horrific ordeal, she said: ''When I Googled it the first thing that came up was Tesco spider eggs and I didn't even finished reading the story.

'' I screamed, grabbed my partner and said look at the banana and look at the picture and please tell me that's not it.

''I had heard of it before but I never expected to get it in mine. They need to check them more because it's not as rare as some people are saying.

''I'm petrified of spiders and I couldn't even think, I just wanted them out.''