A woman has been forced to sell her dream home because she could see her neighbours showering.



Pauline Boyd purchased the rural property and was hoping for an idyllic life at the home but found herself seeing a bit too much of those next door when another house was built.

She has now blasted council chiefs for not informing her that the house would be built next door.

Boyd told LADbible: "When we first got here, it was quite rural and while we had neighbours, they weren't really in your face.

"In January 2019, the owner decided to sell a bit of his land near us and the property that is there now has a garage that looks right into where we eat. There is also a shower room in the property and so we can see people through there while we're eating our dinner, even though the windows are frosted.

"It's got to the stage that our stress levels are really bad and it has really impacted our lives - we're having to keep our shutters closed but we don't want to be doing that."