A woman gave birth as she battled coronavirus in a coma.

A baby

A baby

Colombian Diana Angola was fighting for her life as she gave birth to son Jefferson but has since recovered from the deadly respiratory disease.

Paula Velasquez, a doctor at the Versailles clinic, admits that the case caused ''a lot of shock''.

Velasquez said: ''We knew that there were few reported cases of survival in a context as severe as our patient.''

Jefferson was born prematurely and remains in an incubator, but medics say that he is putting on weight and breathing easier.

Angola is desperate to be discharged from hospital with her son and is puzzled by how she contracted the virus.

She said: ''It's really emotional knowing that we fought, that the doctors helped us survive.''

She added that she was fearing the worst when she was admitted to hospital as her mother and sister both passed away in intensive care.