A woman burnt her mouth after mistaking firework poppers for popping candy.



Lisa Boothroyd noticed the product amongst sweets at a store in her home of Rugby, UK and bought it home as a treat.

However, she received a nasty surprise when bit into a handful and felt "explosions" in her mouth.

She said: "I remember the moment I crunched down on a handful of the ‘sweets’ -- and instantly felt explosions in my mouth.

"I felt a burning pain straight away. I’m still in agony and nearly lost a tooth after it cracked from the explosion."

Boothroyd insists that confusing the fireworks for sweets was an "easy mistake" to make and criticised the shop for putting the products close together.

She said: "The ‘fun snaps’ were with all the other sweets, and the packaging was similar, so it was an easy mistake to make. I just keep thinking what could have happened if I’d given them to a child -- they could’ve blown her mouth apart."