A woman is being mocked for her attempts at cleaning men's toilets.

Woman mocked by cleaning

Woman mocked by cleaning

The woman had to clean the urinals in her work toilets, but the men were left in hysterics after she put toilet roll next to each of the urinals.

Writing on Reddit along with a picture, one of the men said: ''Female co-worker can't understand why we're laughing at how she cleaned the men's bathroom. (sic)''

Although lots of men have laughed at the woman for her efforts, other woman cannot see the humour or what she is doing wrong.

Reddit users have been quick to comment on the photo, with one writing: ''Aww gotta give her an A+ for effort. She meant so well! (sic)''

Although, lots of women were just confused by the whole thing.

One wrote: ''Admittedly, I did pause for a second trying to figure out what the problem was lol. I guess men don't wipe their d**ks after they pee....? (sic)''