A woman returned to her office to retrieved a banana that she had left on her desk for nine weeks.



Mhairi-Louise Brennan had left the fruit on her desk before the lockdown and admitted she was ''anxious'' to see what state the snack would be in.

She posted on Twitter: ''Knowing there is a banana in my desk drawer in work, which has been there since a week before lockdown is making me feel anxious.''

Mhairi-Louise then told her followers how curiosity had got the better of her and she went back to work to see the banana, revealing that it had become shrivelled, solid and completely black.

She wrote: ''The unknown was killing me so I've drove to work to see what the damage was. I present... a 9 week old banana.''

One reply joked: ''Doesn't look too bad, just cut off the black bits.''