A woman ripped her boyfriend's penis because she wanted to watch 'X Factor'.

Woman rips penis

Woman rips penis

Emma Pearce, 34, and Allan Blake, 28, were enjoying a steamy sex session in their living room in Cornwall, when she suddenly turned around to watch Dermot O'Leary announce the results on the popular ITV singing competition, only to cause some damage to her lover's nether region, the Metro has reported.

The pair swiftly moved to the bathroom after blood started pouring out of Allan's ripped his frenulum, which is also known as the banjo string.

Emma instantly called 111, the non-emergency number, and was advised to wrap his damaged member in a wet flannel.

The couple were still concerned about Allan's injury and decided to visit their GP two days after the incident, and they were told everything would heal naturally.

Despite the painful experience and the bad memory Emma reportedly still watches the talent contest every year religiously.