A woman who tested positive for COVID-19 on a transatlantic flight self-isolated for five hours on the plane's toilet.

Lateral Flow Test

Lateral Flow Test

Marisa Fotieo was travelling from Chicago to the Icelandic capital Reykjavik last month when her throat began to feel sore.

She took a rapid coronavirus test and found out she had the virus.

Fotieo then took drastic measures to protect the other 150 passengers and crew on the flight by locking herself away in the toilet.

The schoolteacher told NBC News: "I just took my rapid test and I brought it into the bathroom, and within what felt like two seconds there were two lines.

"There's 150 people on the flight, and my biggest fear was giving it to them."

Fotieo says her isolation was made possible by the flight attendant Ragnhildur 'Rocky' Eirksdottir.

She explained: "She made sure I had everything I needed for the next five hours from food to drinks and constantly checked on me assuring me I would be all right."