A woman has spent around £18,000 to try and look like a porcelain doll.

Woman wants to be porcelain doll (c) Instagram

Woman wants to be porcelain doll (c) Instagram

Jade Smith, 21, is pursuing her dream to become a real life 'Lolita' lookalike and is believed to have spent around £10,000 to have the same outfits to match the toy, as well as £8,000 on shoes, the Mirror Online has reported.

The female - who started dressing in this fashion at the age of 11 - also has a £20 a month budget for glitter and often has to wake up at 4am to start getting ready.

She said: ''I've spent around £10,000 just on my clothes. I normally get my clothing shipped in from Japan and Korea.

''I have roughly around 40 pairs of shoes and I have around 40 key chains. The money has also gone into my toy collection.''

Jade - who is also known as Princess Jadette on social media - still lives with her family and said they call her a ''hoarder''.

She said: ''My family call me a hoarder and they really wish I would downsize and become more minimalistic.

''They wish I would wear something a bit normal but they just accept me for who I am now.''