A woman was shocked after a frog hopped out of her bag of Tesco salad.

A frog

A frog

Michelle Adcock was tucking into her meal when she noticed the amphibian on her plate as it hopped straight into the mayonnaise.

The frog then leapt around her house and left a trail of mayo prints before Michelle's husband Martin and son Max were able to capture it in a box.

They left the animal cress and water until Tesco staff arrived to collect it two days later.

Adcock told The Sun newspaper: "We were settling down to have a prawn salad for tea and watch 'The Chase'.

"I was right into my food when suddenly I had a live frog on my plate. It was in the watercress.

"It jumped into the mayonnaise then jumped out of my plate onto the sofa.

"I felt physically sick. I was just gobsmacked thinking it was in my dinner."

She also received an apology and £75 from the supermarket after the incident.