A woman has used a flip-flop to defend herself against a crocodile.

Woman uses flip-flop to ward of crocodile

Woman uses flip-flop to ward of crocodile

The woman was walking her dog in Australia's Kakadu National Park when they were approached by a crocodile as they stood close to the water's edge at Cahill's Crossing, according to The Guardian newspaper.

Instead of fleeing, the woman simply took off one of her flip-flops and moved closer to the dangerous predator before slapping her shoe against her palm to try and scare it off.

Thankfully the trick paid off, but crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark - who witnessed the event and filmed it on his phone - said she was lucky to be alive.

He said: ''If the dog walked next to the owner when the crocodile was close, it would have launched at both of them with its jaws clamping down on whatever it made contact with. Both are lucky to be alive.''