A woman woke up to see a herd of cows mating in her garden after they escaped from a nearby field.

Cow mania

Cow mania

Janis Wilson was alarmed when she looked out of her window to see 40 farm animals ambling along the street, eating her flower beds and pooping in the driveways along her street, whilst one mounted another cow, the Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about the ordeal, the 61-year-old female said: ''They were grazing around. Those cows were eating all the plants, brushing past cars and making their mess over people's driveways.

''I looked out of the window and there were 30 or 40 cows there just standing in the street.

''The whole thing lasted half an hour and the police came to take them away.

''I have no idea where they came from to be honest.''

Janis was unsure how the cows escaped, but the Cheshire Police Officers helped to ensure the herd were returned to safety.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said: ''Police were called to reports of a large number of cows along a road in Bollington, Macclesfield.

''Officers attended where they helped to ensure all the cows were herded back into the field.''