A woman was left ''in tears of laughter'' after her dogs started playing with her sex toy.



Chloe Jones had bought a £45 vibrator for herself but pooches Reginald and Bobby became fascinated with it.

Amusing photos show the dogs barking with excitement and jumping around the sex toy.

Chloe said: ''I didn't expect them to react to it. I had opened the box, charged it and was trailing it just to see the different settings. The dogs were really nosy and one put his nose towards it.''

The 23-year-old added: ''It hit his nose and he was like, 'what the hell' because it was really vibrating.

''Then he jumped off the sofa onto the bed and was running around all excited, which is when I put it on the floor to see what it would do.

''I put it on the bedroom floor and he was jumping around. The dogs were going mad.''