A woman's tongue became ''pregnant'' after she ate raw calamari, a medical report claims.

Woman claims her tongue got 'pregnant' from squid sperm

Woman claims her tongue got 'pregnant' from squid sperm

The unnamed 63-year-old, from South Korea, was rushed to hospital after eating the squid left her in extreme pain caused by sperm which had sunk into the tissues of her mouth.

Sadly for the woman, she had only parboiled the inkfish and left all of its internal organs inside.

According to a report by the Journal of Parasitology, surgeons discovered ''12 small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like'' sperm bags, which had made a home inside her mouth and gums.

The doctors discovered they were in fact squid spermatophores, sperm capsules which are commonly found on the Todarodes pacificus, a Japanese flying squid.

Researchers wrote in the study: ''As soon as she put a piece into her mouth, she felt like many 'bugs' were biting her oral mucosa.

''She experienced severe sharp pain and spat out the entire portion without swallowing.


''Despite that, she could feel many small squirming white bug-like organisms penetrating her oral mucosa.''

Doctors are still unsure how the implantation happened, though thankfully the woman is believed to be on the mend.