Woolly mammoths could be brought back to life.

Woolly mammoths could return to Earth

Woolly mammoths could return to Earth

Scientists are attempting to recreate the extinct beasts by combining genetic material from the Arctic permafrost with DNA from Asian elephants.

Boffins at the biotech company Colossal Biosciences are hoping that the first mammoth calf could be born by 2028.

The firm's website states: "Bringing back the woolly mammoth back means bringing back a better Earth."

The experts believe that the newly-created animal will be a cold-resistant elephant that has all the biological features of a woolly mammoth.

However, critics of the process argue that cloning will do nothing to solve conservation issues.

Joseph Bennett, from Carleton University in Canada, said: "I'm not against cloning but I am against trotting it out as a solution to conservation problems or even climate change."