A Deliveroo driver from York has been dubbed the "happiest in the UK".

Tom Bissett

Tom Bissett

Tom Bissett has been described as the "man who delivers happiness" after began drawing feel-good artwork and leaving positive messages on his food delivery bags.

Tom, who only began work with Deliveroo in January, makes sure every single customer gets a special message and some sweets as he bids to lift spirits during the pandemic.

Bissett, also known as The Friendly Rider, knew that his approach could make a difference from the moment he delivered his first kind message.

He said: "I noticed the mood of the city I deliver in wasn't happy.

"When I started delivering I realised I was in a rare position where I would get a few seconds with hundreds of people a week.

"So I started by just doodling positives messages with a little drawing and immediately I saw how much something so simple could lighten someone's mood."

Bissett is now taking his idea even further by offering 'Golden Tickets' to every 50 customers where he offers to pay for their next meal.