A boy got his potty training seat stuck around his head.

Youngster gets potty seat stuck around head

Youngster gets potty seat stuck around head

Firefighters came to the rescue of three-year-old Leyton Bedford-Rankin from Mullion in Cornwall, who came running into his mother Bryony Marie proud of his new neck accessory.

He said: ''Look at me, mum.''

The 22-year-old mother of two was breastfeeding her eight-week-old baby at the time.

After attempting to ease it off with butter, Bryony called her father, who is a firefighter in nearby Newquay, and he said to call the emergency services for assistance.

She recalled to Metro.co.uk ''I tried for five minutes to get it off and I could only get it past his ears and no further.

''I tried putting butter on the seat to try and get it off but it wasn't working.

''I then had him upside down on the sofa to see if gravity would help.

''He said best thing is to ring the fire brigade as they will have the tools to help.''