A YouTuber brought a town and called it Gay Hell.

Elijah Daniel (c) Twitter

Elijah Daniel (c) Twitter

In act of rebellion against the Trump administration denying US embassies the right to fly the rainbow flag during Pride Month, 25-year-old Elijah Daniel decided to purchase the small Michigan town of Hell - and renamed it Gay Hell.

The openly gay YouTube star announced the decision on Twitter with the caption: ''ahead of pride month Trump's administration put a ban on embassy's flying pride flags.

''so as of today, I am now the owner of Hell, Michigan. I bought the whole town.

''And my first act as owner, I have renamed my town to Gay Hell, MI.

''The only flags allowed to fly are pride. (sic)''

Speaking to Sky News, Daniel said: ''When I found out it was for sale, I was like oh s***, I've gotta buy this now.''

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