It maybe the norm in western cinema but as far as the screens of Bollywood full frontal nudity is still unacceptable although the Indian Censor Board maintain that it's okay if the script so demands. The big question facing the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) which it may be said is trying to show that its in the 21st century is quite simple should it be current Bollywood or should Hollywood prevail. Critics say that first it was the kiss now that the kiss is here in clear-cut terms, should cinema allow some topless scenes then thier is the question of full frontal nudity too?Producer Vinod Chhabra's Rs 2-crore film Mystry Shaque tried a bare-breasted scene but it was struck out by the Censor Board due to the context that the offending parts of the film's 23-year-old debutante heroine Janki Shah are shown. Chhabra has been in the capital to lobby the Delhi Tribunal which is second only to the Censor Board to attempt to clear his film. The Censor Board has three issues with the film: first, the kissing scene between Janki and the film's hero Dhananjay Chauhan, Chhabra retorts that the censors passed Khwahish with at least 15 kisses, secondly, a few 'objectionable' words in the dialogue. And third, the Censor Board has refused to clear the topless shot, the main reason is they fear that if it is approved at least 10 other producers would demand similar approval, says Chhabra. This is not the first topless scene in Hindi films, Shekhar Kapur, who has gained international acclaim, showed a nude Seema Biswas in Bandit Queen , and Padmini Kolhapure has posed nude in films. Chhabra feels he believes that women are equal to men and they look beautiful without clothesBut how exactly is frontal nudity important to Myster- Shaque though, Janki plays a part where she rips off her top in an attempt to show Dhananjay that women are equal to men in reply to a challenge from him when he takes off his shirt, Chhabra.sees this as a feminist statement. But is Indian cinema ready to go topless?

Deepak Shivdasani, director of Julie in which Neha Dhupia has a backless shot, "A topless scene might not ensure a film's success, but if such a scene is essential to my script, I would shoot it. If Hollywood can have such scenes, why can't we?".