Cold Places

Cold Places

Sue Flood, having reached international recognition and acclaim for her photography and film work, and achieving the most prestigious awards along the way, is now releasing her first book to coincide with her debut solo photography exhibition.

Sue Flood’s first book features images of her favourite polar photography from her last 15 years of working in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Each image brings to life the magnificent dichotomy of the Poles, majestic in beauty while hostile in environment, through capturing the unique wildlife, indigenous people and
haunting scenery.

These exceptional images are made even more poignant with the inclusion of Sue’s detailed 'behind the lens' explanations on the endeavour and sometimes danger behind achieving the

The reader is therefore invited to share the adventure of Sue’s extraordinary career, yet spared the harsh conditions!

‘Cold Places’ is published by ‘New Sue Publishing’ and can be purchased from and from March 16th 2011, priced £25.