Lost Bells Farm

Lost Bells Farm

1) What can you tell our readers about your new novel Lost Bells Farm?

Lost Bells Farm is the story of a man who emerges from a troubled childhood, stabilises his life then, acting rashly, commits a federal crime in his late teens whilst training to be an officer in the Argentine Gendarmerie. The consequences of his actions are tragic and he flees justice by escaping to Europe. Once there he joins the French Foreign Legion in Paris.

Now with his new friends and multi national colleges, he embarks on an incredible journey to the far flung corners of the earth as a soldier of fortune for France.

Together with his comrades Sebastian experiences different cultures and experiences combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia.

The reader is given insight into the past lives of many characters and the reasons they have decided to bury themselves in the"Legion of the Lost"

After fifteen years of service Sebastian retires from the Legion with the rank of Adjutant and moves to Spain where he settles in his late Grandmothers house on the Atlantic coast with a beautiful French Artist named Monica. After five years of peace and rural bliss, Sebastian's past catches up with him.

Despite it's setting Lost Bells Farm is not a military book but a story about the Human condition. It is a story of a journey towards self discovery and gives insight into what it means to live fully and with passion.

2) Did you choose the setting of Patagonia as you used to be a resident there?

Yes, I chose the Patagonian connection because I used to live there.

3) The book is based on a lot of your experiences, can you expand on this for us?

I have served in the Army (French Foreign Legion) myself and drew on my experiences. I have travelled extensively (every continent of the Planet) and have also fallen foul of the law and been locked up myself.

4) Which authors have influenced your work the most?

Mark Twain, John krakauer, Robert Tressle and Theroux.

5) Who do you most like to read?

I have a veracious appetite for reading and enjoy the Classics and Biographies the most.

6) At what point in your life did you know you had a flair for writing?

I first felt I wanted to write whilst sitting locked in a Cell.

7) What is next for you?

I am getting married in Spain next year to my beautiful Scottish wife who I met on an empty beach in the Western Highlands of Scotland. We breed Rhodesian Ridge backs, ride Horses and grow fruit on our Farm on the Atlantic coast of Spain.

8) You have lived in Britain and Argentina, so what do you admire about these two places?

Having lived in Britain and Argentina I admire the following; I love the way the British stand patiently in a que whatever the circumstances, and I love the way the British follow through and complete what they begin efficiently. In Argentina I admire the way that the family is at the heart of every thing and that children and old people are cared for as a priority. I also admire the Argentines passion for life when it comes to food, music and relaxing. Argentina's great cities make up for the lack of efficiency with an incredible charm and sophistication.

9) What advice can you give to aspiring writers who wish to draw from their own experiences? 

The advice I would give any Writer wishing to use their own experiences would be simply start writing and let it flow.

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