Memoirs Of A Fruitcake by Chris Evans

Memoirs Of A Fruitcake by Chris Evans

After the runaway success of his number 1 bestselling autobiography ‘It’s Not What You Think,’ Chris Evans has put pen to paper once again and in his brilliant new book 'Memoirs of a Fruitcake', he picks up the story from his purchase of Virgin Radio in 1997 to the present day and his return to breakfast radio, taking over the biggest show in the UK from Sir Terry Wogan. 

Despite being one of the country's most successful broadcasters during the early 1990s and considered a pioneer in the TV industry with hits such as Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday; the years that followed his ownership of Virgin Radio would see Chris Evans become not only one of the 500 richest people in Britain but also incredibly unhappy.

Evans delves, with typical wit and candour, into a period of his life that he admits became a 'blurry frenetic mess' but also reveals how he came back from it, salvation arriving in the unlikely form of a young pop singer by the name of Billie Piper...

As the subject of hundreds of tabloid headlines over the years, Chris Evans has also been in embroiled in some of the biggest news stories recently.

In the lead up to the handover of the breakfast show from Sir Terry Wogan to Evans, a scandal broke that shook the very core of the BBC and everyone associated with it.

The arrival in Studio 6C one night of Messrs Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand saw Chris unwittingly caught up in a row which threatened to derail everything he had worked so hard for.

Chris’ tenacity and extraordinary drive and determination to succeed now sees him back at the top of his game, both in the workplace and his home life.

Returning to his spiritual home of Radio 2 and presenting what he considers the best job in the world, co hosting the One Show on Fridays, reunited with his daughter, marrying a beautiful golfer called Natasha and seeing the birth of his son;  Chris Evans has now achieved his ultimate goal - being a happy husband, a happy father and as a result a happy man.

Memoirs Of A Fruitcake by Chris Evans is released 14th October

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