Mindfulness For Dummies

Mindfulness For Dummies

Mindfulness For Dummies - Shamash Alidina: A cutting-edge meditation therapy that uses self-control techniques, mindfulness has taken off across the globe as a way of overcoming negative thoughts and emotions and achieving a calmer, more focused state of mind.

Written by a professional mindfulness trainer, this practical guide covers the key self-control techniques designed to help you achieve a more focused and contented state of mind, while maximizing the health benefits of mindfulness-from reducing stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure to overcoming depression and low self-esteem and battling chronic pain and insomnia.

*Includes self-control techniques (such as body posture, sitting practice and breathing exercises) and routines

*Includes an audio CD featuring narrated meditations and exercises

Introducing you to a new and powerful form of meditation therapy, Mindfulness For Dummies outlines how to use it in your everyday life to achieve a new level of self-awareness and self-understanding and reap the long-term rewards of better health.

The Author
Shamash Alidina is a professional mindfulness trainer, speaker and coach specialising in mindfulness training for therapists, coaches and executives, as well as the general public.
He has trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh and Matthieu Ricard, and at Bangor University's Centre for Mindfulness. He has over ten years of experience in teaching mindfulness.

What we think: A book that simplifies the task, how do you reduce stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even chronic pain-by refocusing your mind. It works yes it really does now to put it into practice... Joclyn Manners FemaleFirst book critic