The Bond

The Bond

We are strong when we unite – we are weak when we compete.

If you are among the millions who are saying right now ‘There has to be a better way’.

The Bond provides a message of hope, inspiration – and a practical way to change, starting with your home, then your neighbourhood, your community, your town.

The Bond is setting the agenda for that change. It demonstrates that we have been living in a way that is against our own nature, against every cell in our body.

For centuries, Western science and many Western cultures have taught us to think of ourselves as individuals.

But today, a revolutionary new understanding is emerging from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge physicists, biologists, and psychologists: What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things.

Lynne McTaggart is an investigative journalist and author, and a sought-after public speaker whose talks and workshops have transformed the lives of the thousands around the world who have heard her.

She is also an accomplished broadcaster, who has appeared on many national TV and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra shows.

The hallmark of her work is exhaustive research that produces science-based discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health.

She edits the monthly health journalWhat Doctors Don’t Tell You and was also the editor of the 48-lesson partwork, Living The Field, perhaps the most definitive work yet to bridge the worlds of physics and spirituality in its 768 pages.

She was born in the USA and now lives in London, UK, with her publisher husband, Bryan, and their two children, and pet dog Ollie.