The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

In this digital age are we now only reading books after we have seen the film to source out if we will enjoy them or not? I must admit the last few books I have read; I had seen the film first, such as Something Borrowed and Hunger Games. So is the trend that is now being set? Why waste your time reading a book first, finding it’s not that good and then not bothering to watch the film because of this? Surely it’s much easier to put yourself through only a couple of hours pain rather than the time it would take you to complete a book?

Could it be that movies have adverts and books are only starting to have book trailers? All we really have to rely on is the blurb on the back and review sites, which are essentially down to personal taste, as well as the reputation of the author. However does this reputation only come into play after the release of the film? Would Stephanie Meyer have as many fans as she does if it were not due to the Twilight films?

As we all know films do not always portray books in the best light as they are condensing down pages of detailed text. Fans of the Lord of the Rings films as well as the books will admit to large chunks of the books missing from the films or it would have gone on forever. So are films fair representations of the books we love or hate? Would it be fair for someone to watch a film and automatically judge the book? The Woman in Black is the most recent example of how the screenplay can be so vastly different from the original text, given that the ending is not at all like it is in the book.

Has it come to the point whereby people are using films as their advertising for whether they want to go and read the book? Sometimes we are not even aware that films have been adapted from a book for the screen until the credits tell you at the beginning or at the end.

Given that we have so many distractions now, where in years gone by books were one of the only forms of entertainment and education, are we placing them last in our list entertainment priorities when all the other digital age options have run out?

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