A Brewing Storm

A Brewing Storm

A Brewing Storm is basically a love story in the form of a fantasy novel, but I never like to make things easy for my characters, so there are obstacles and misunderstandings between them. They’re trying to solve the mystery of why Weavers are disappearing and the Shadow Worlds are dying. The two events are connected.

You had a poem published at just age seven in the local anthology, so what can you tell us about this?

Oh Lord! It’s called ‘The Sea’ and I wrote it in 5 minutes flat while I was in infant school. I’d been talking all lesson and Miss Baron, my teacher, said I couldn’t go out at playtime unless I finished the poem. It starts

‘The silvery sea whispers to me as the golden sun sets’

but that’s all I can remember of it, thankfully!

You have written ever since you were a child so what can you tell us about some of your earliest attempts?

They were all fantasy stories but they were scraps and bits and pieces. Mainly short stories I suppose. In those days, the main character was a heroine with amazing powers and a tragic past. I’ve always liked angst.

Why have you had a lifelong hatred of poetry?

The poem was published the year after I left infant school, and all the teachers knew about it. They expected me to be good at poetry from then on, but I really wasn’t, then I studied the romantic poets at A level – I had to suffer through Don Juan by Byron.

Why has it taken you till now to start writing all your ideas down into stories?

Lack of confidence I suppose. I never believed anyone would be interested in reading my scribbles. I’m still amazed that anyone does.

Your writing has been compared to Eden Cole and Lynn Hagen, so how does this make you feel?

I don’t know, as I haven’t actually read any of their books! I shall have to buy a couple and see. If they’re good and popular, then wonderful!

This is the first in the Weaver series, so what can you tell us about the others?

Nothing is ever as it seems, and Jamie and Brandon, the two main characters discover a devious plan by their enemies, and start to get an idea of what is causing the destruction of the Shadow Worlds. That’s the plan for book two anyway! The plan for book three is still a bit foggy, but they will find out how to stop the destruction and also what they have to sacrifice to do it

The story is very unusual, so where did the inspiration come from?

I’ve always loved the kind of urban fantasy that someone like Charles De Lint writes, where both worlds exist with each other, and certain people can cross from one to the other. I like the idea that magic can be present in our lives if we just know where or how to look for it. I have to say that the idea of Shadow Worlds isn’t a new one. Roger Zelazny used something similar in his Amber series.

What is your writing process?

To be honest, I was stuck in a holiday cottage in the snowy Highlands of Scotland one January, with no Internet or phone signal. I just sat at the laptop and started typing. I guess I’m dangerous when I’m bored. I can’t afford distractions, and need complete quiet, or my mind drifts. If I listen to music, I tend to find I’m typing the lyrics of the song I’m listening to before I know it

What is next for you?

I have a time travel short story that I’m expanding, and I’ve started on the second book in The Fall of the Weavers. I also have another idea for a series, but that will have to wait until I’ve finished the first two challenges.

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