Everybody wants success and fulfilment, but even those who work hard can miss out and when they do succeed, will often put it down to luck. But success isn’t a fluke. It has rules that can be learned and harnessed by anyone with incredible ease, speed and power.

Success Is Not A Fluke

Success Is Not A Fluke

Let’s talk about goals… An urban legend says that ‘There are people who have goals, and there are those who don’t’. Personally, I don’t believe there is a single person alive without a dream. Everyone has aspirations, even those who aren’t aware of theirs. The difference is how conscious a person is of theirs. Discovering and taking action towards a worthy goal is the fuel for a satisfying life.

A worthy goal or a Type C goal, as I call them is a dream that you believe may have been unattainable until now which you have a real desire to realise. On the contrary, if you have no passion for it, it’s’ a sign that it’s not a worthy goal.

A worthy goal is exhilarating, frightening, and one in which you may have no idea where to start but you know, if you don’t, you’ll regret it every day of your life. If you do succeed, the results will be life changing.

A worthy goal may be to move: from being an employee to setting up your own business or from being single to being in a great partnership or a place of financial precarity to becoming financially independent. It is a goal that excites you in the area of your career, relationship or health or whichever area you choose. A worthy goal requires a breakthrough in consciousness as it enables you to grow as you progress towards it so you become worthy of achieving it.

As in business, and in life, attaching yourself to a No. 1 expert/mentor within the field of your worthy goal is the most significant shortcut you can take.

How do you know who to choose? You should select people who have achieved your goal with real success. Experience is great, but it is not enough: a person who was married six times has a lot of experience in marriage, but would you want to take their advice on this subject? I am talking about successful experience.

There is no reality without difficulties, there are no projects in which everything goes smoothly; just as there is no marriage or business that is maintained without challenges of any kind.

Difficulties and problems are not a “bug” in the existential programme, they are a feature of it and a part of the path to success.

Anyone who is successful knows that creating a supportive environment is key and that in order to blossom, you must put yourself in a garden where the soil is fertile, tended and nourished.

So how do we create a supportive environment? Be alert to the environment that you are in and surround yourself with people you aspire to.

In places where people gossip, complain and are unsupportive, it will be hard to motivate yourself. Choose to belong to groups that will challenge your abilities in your career, health and relationships. People only grow to the size of the environment in which they live in. An environment that encourages personal development will force you to grow!

Alon Ulman is a sought-after speaker, life and business strategy expert, and practical success strategist. A Commander (Res.) in the Israeli Navy, marathon runner and Iron Man. Founder of The Winner's Code Ltd, Alon is Israel's most influential mentor. Speaking to packed auditoriums and sold-out events every month, Alon has helped over 250,000 people achieve their goals. Success is Not A Fluke was a smash-hit in Israel, staying in the bestseller list for 83 consecutive weeks. After it was published in Hebrew, Ulman shared a stage with Tony Robbins at the largest personal development show ever to be staged in Israel. Ulman lives in Tel Aviv and is happily married. Discover more about the author at https://www.winnerscode.co.il/אודות/about-us/

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When I was in my mid 30’s, my life as an international DJ and record producer was turned upside down when I collapsed due to an incurable disease and later suffered from bankruptcy. I sunk into the depths of depression but forced myself to ‘remix’ my life through a series of positive actions and important life changes. At 50 years of age, I’m happy to say I’m now a Health and Happiness Coach, public speaker, multiple business owner and soon to be published author. My purpose in life is now to help others improve their lives. I offer straight talking, positive support to anyone especially those facing personal crisis - be it addiction, health, relationship problems or money issues. Life Remixed contains strategies that can help others lead a happy and fulfilled life... to read more click HERE