When I was 3 years old, I had my first experience of angels. They came to reassure and protect me through what turned out to be a very volatile and hostile childhood and despite the seriousness of the situations that I had to face somehow, I always got through and survived those formative years of uncertainty.

Talking with Angels of Light

Talking with Angels of Light

As a young adult I found myself in hostile situations because of the negative conditioning that inevitably led me to attract more challenging people and experiences. It was through paying attention to what my angels were guiding me to, that eventually broke the destructive patterns that turned my life around. Surprisingly, this led me to the work I’ve been involved with for the past 23 years as an Intuitive Consultant, helping others to communicate with their own angels to overcome adversities and to ultimately find their own destinies.

At the age of 36 though and out of the blue. I developed meningococcal septicaemia which was life threatening. I was a young mother at the time and this devastated us all as a family. Miraculously I overcame this over time through the help of my angels but it left me with long term health challenges that I would go on to face throughout the years to come.

Despite the illnesses that followed and how they stopped me from working, often leaving me feeling very unsure of how life would turn out, my angels never left my side and got me through them all. Each time I became well, my life transformed to something better than before and whilst going through rehabilitation, I wrote my memoir, finally honouring my burning ambition to become a writer.

5 years ago, when I thought I was over the worst, I started to become incredibly sick again and this time my doctors had no idea what was wrong with me, despite the multiple tests I went through. I became house bound, hardly able to walk, developed Sepsis and finally lost my left kidney which died. I was at rock bottom as once again I had just about lost everything including my home and business.

At this point I was exhausted from the yo-yoing of the health challenges I’d endured over the years and after praying for help in desperation to my angels one day, out of the blue I received a call from a major publisher. Having read my memoir, they invited me to write a 3-book series on angels for them. I was elated!

Writing those books became far more than just honouring my yearning to become a writer as they were profoundly healing which helped me to rebuild my life once more. This time though I finally received the all clear from my doctor, having coped for over 16 years with ill health and out of it I had created a life beyond my hopes and dreams which finally allowed me to find not only wellbeing, but ultimately the peace I’d searched for all my life.

I have more gratitude towards my angels than you can imagine for gifting me this opportunity to share their messages of hope to others through the books that I’ve written. I believe they created a life changing healing for me and through the loving guidance of my angels, will help others to go through theirs too in whichever way is for their highest good.

Amanda Hart, London