At the age of 16, Amanda Van Annan already set herself on the path to pursue her passion for arts. Despite being born into a family of diplomats and politicians, she chose a different path for her. After a year of being a student in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, Susie Sollis, a renowned makeup artist, picked her up seeing her potential to be a model. That was the start of Amanda’s 20-year career as a model.

Amanda Van Annan Model

Amanda Van Annan Model

Susie Sollis introduced her to an agent at the Unique Model Management. She was immediately signed to the modeling agency. Only two weeks after her signing, she was shooting her first campaign for Vidal Sassoon. The purpose of the campaign was to let the ethnic populace know about Vidal Sassoon products.

Her reputation as a model continued to grow over the years. She had shoots and runway assignments in numerous big cities that are renowned for fashion. Among them were London, Milan, New York, and Paris. However, Amanda’s passion for arts and making an impact on other people’s lives didn’t just stop there. She wanted to use the knowledge and experience that she has gathered after being in the modeling industry for 20 years to help others unlock their full potential as a model.

Amanda’s new book, “Win The Runway”, is for aspiring young models who want to get into modeling. The modeling industry is highly competitive and making it big as a model is no easy task. Amanda has been through it all herself and she knows that models who are starting their career would love to have a guide to show them how to navigate the world of modeling.

The book discusses many important things including the qualities models need to have for them to make it to the top. Amanda shares a lot of tips that models can follow to get what they want as a model. There are interesting tips on how models should carry themselves during castings, photoshoots, and runway assignments. Amanda also has advice on the attitude needed for models when they enter the industry.

“Win The Runway” also discusses the reality of the modeling industry. It speaks about all the good and the bad about the industry and gives models information on how best to deal with certain situations. Among many subjects covered in the book are racism, nepotism, drug and sexual abuse.

Amanda’s primary goal with her book is to provide models with the necessary knowledge to be successful in their careers. To further help new models, Amanda has decided to team up with different models, agents, and photographers worldwide to launch an online model coaching program. They want to reach out and help aspiring models who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Helping people achieve their highest potential and their goals is what brings joy to Amanda. If she can use what she has to build others up, she is happy to do it. Amanda is actively involved in raising money for charities and educating the underprivileged. She is participating in various activities that support women around the globe.

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