Podcasting is a medium that is growing at an unprecedented level and this was accelerated by the global pandemic… there is a real increasing thirst for audio content. The industry is set to continue to surge and soar in popularity and at the start of 2020, Deloitte predicted that the global market would grow by 25 per cent to US$3.5 billion (£2.6 billion).

Podcast With Impact

Podcast With Impact

Anna Parker- Naples is a leading Podcast Expert who has over 15 years of audio and production experience and is now one of the UK’s leading podcast launch experts, a number 1 International Podcast Host and award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others amplify their message – and bring their podcast to their people.

Anna continues to make an impact in the male dominated field of audio and podcasting - being the first British woman to write a book on podcasting ‘Podcast with Impact: How to Start and Launch Your Podcast Properly’ which became a best-seller globally hitting the number one spot in over 20 categories in the UK, US and Australia.

Anna herself is a number 1 International Podcast Host and she has also helped other women launch over 100 successful podcasts since January this year (2020), from within her Podcast membership. Anna has helped others amplify their message and position themselves to be featured alongside the likes of; Tony Robbins, Joe Wicks, Jay Shetty, Fearne Cotton, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuck.

Here are Anna’s Ten Steps to Successfully Launch Your First Podcast to help you get into the ears of others…

1. The Power is in the Planning – The power of a podcast is in the planning stage. Who do you want to reach? What will they take away from your podcast?

2. Positioning - Decide how you want to position yourself to your listeners and within your industry.

3. Listen to Others – Find out the BIG podcasters in your space and go and listen to them. Look at the way they describe their shows, listen to the intros, how to they present themselves? Then go and listen to much small, less well known podcasts – what differences can you spot?

4. It’s all in the Name – Make sure your podcast name lets people know what to expect.

5. Ensure your Brand is ON POINT – Seeing your artwork inside iTunes or Spotify is the first time potential listeners will come in contact with your show – ensure you draw them in and give the right impression. The opening few seconds of your show can make or break whether a new listener stays… choose music that reflects the style and pace of your podcast – think about the opening words of your intro – make it short, punchy and to the point.

6. Microphones – Don’t get lost in tech. Purchase a microphone that is suitable for podcasting (Blue Yeti is a good place to start or a clip on lavalier microphone that attaches to your phone).

7. Editing – I know editing software can look scary, but I promise you – you can edit your own show more easily than you may think. Start with free software such as Audacity.

8. Hosting Platform – You’ll need to choose a hosting platform to upload your audio tracks into. I recommend Libsyn it’s the most popular and reliable.

9. Time to Submit – Now this is the exciting bit – once you’ve got everything lined up in your host, you can submit to the major directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google. Once you’re approved, your show is immediately live!

10. Don’t forget to Promote – As soon as your show is live, it’s your chance to share with everyone you know the value you’re putting out – ask people to also review your show. Keep up the focused promoting until you hit the top of the charts!

Anna works with aspiring podcasters to launch chart topping, top ranking podcasts. Through her podcast production agency and The Podcast Membership which has been home to over 100 successful podcast launches since January 2020. To find out more please visit - www.annaparkernaples.co.uk

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