My Grandfather who was much older than my Granny, was the Governor of the Southern part of Poland in 1914 and his men captured Lenin and advised him to have him shot because he was a troublemaker.   He had him imprisoned in the jail in a town called Nowy Targ and my Grandfather interrogated him.  As the jail was full of noisy drunks and the like, my Grandfather took him home because he found him interesting to talk to.  He lent him money to travel to Switzerland and Lenin gave him an IOU and also left his watch as security.   After he left Nowy Targ after ten days Lenin wrote that he had been ‘very well treated.‘ The rest is history. 

Mother Anguish

Mother Anguish

I myself have always felt, since a very young age, that I should be ‘in charge.’  I think I have a mental problem as I tend to befriend ‘lame ducks’ and try and help. Which is stupid as one of my girlfriends was a murderer, but she still needed ‘sorting out and helping.’  It must be ancestral memory genetically transferred from my Grandfather and other bossy forbears.

I have a real problem with authority and was always in trouble at school as I don’t like being told what to do.  I react badly to being bossed around. My pride will not tolerate it.   Although I do have exquisite manners, just as long as I am treated properly but don’t take well to the constraints of discipline.

I am a fierce animal lover and in my last house I had pet pigs, goats and of course many dogs and cats and birds tend to befriend me as well.

I trust NO ONE. Never ever.

I am often complimented on my complexion and I would like to say that the best face creams are made by Neutrogena and women should not waste their money on fancy brands which are full of hype and unnecessary perfume and pretty packaging.   Neutrogena is superior to all other brands.

The best shampoo in the world is Head and Shoulders. (Donald Trump says the same)

I am an only child and have been brought up to be very solitary, which I like.   I am never lonely if I have a book.

I have got knobbly knees and rarely wear skirts, usually jeans.

I wear lots of make –up as I am not a natural beauty but my best feature is my belly –button as immediately after my birth my Grandmother bandaged my stomach up tightly so it wouldn’t pop out when I was crying as a baby.   Endless women these days have expensive surgery to change their belly buttons from an ‘outie’ to an ‘innie ‘ to make them look good in bikinis and they should have had sensible grannies like mine.

I love gardening and everything I plant grows magnificently.  If I take a cutting from a shrub and just poke a stick in the ground, it grows.