Beds and Blazes

Beds and Blazes

Beds and Blazes is the story of burly, bumbling Lowell and ultra-feminine Dora. Lowell's tongue gets tied around the curvaceous bed and breakfast owner, but he's determined to find a way to convince Dora to leave everything she knows and loves so they can be together. Oh, and there's some sort of pesky intruder of the magical sort who seems intent on keeping them apart. Who IS that, anyway?

This is book two in the Prescott Woods series so what can you tell us about the first installment?

Both are set in the fictional small town of Charade, Kentucky. Charade is a bit of a hippie village, modelled on my own beloved and quirky town of 450. Prescott Woods, a forest filled with magical secrets and ancient mysteries, nestles up to Charade. Like the first book, Bubbles and Troubles, Beds and Blazes is filled with bawdy humour and contemporary allusions that crack me up. I'm a sucker for giggles in between blushes.

How do you juggle you writing with your pets, husband and two sons?

I'm super fortunate to have an office dedicated to writing and a part time contract writing job that allows me the freedom to write fiction. It's pretty awesome and I don't take it for granted.

The book has been compared to Anne Rice and Sherrilyn Kenyon, so how does this make you feel?

Incredibly humbled. Anne Rice is a favourite author of mine — what an enormous compliment! And now I'm going to have to read some Sherrilyn Kenyon books as well.

Who are your favourite reads in the genre?

I love Ranae Roses' Ink books (I'm a huge tattoo fan) as well as her Half Moon Shifters, and I'm a fan of Victoria Blisse, Carrie Ann Ryan, and Sierra Cartwright as well.

Why is an escape factor so important to you as a reader and writer?

I really came to love reading romance and erotic romance during a traumatic time of my life. When I say escape factor, I mean that literally - there have been sad times where I truly needed to have a respite from the pain around me and go somewhere that made me feel some happiness. I think that good romance writing does that and I craft books with that goal in mind. I'd like for readers to know that they can sink into my books and enjoy themselves, no matter what's going on in their lives. Escape is a beautiful thing.

Why did you like to thrust your characters into unpredictable situations?

That's where the humour, danger, and excitement are. Many of my characters have aspects of me built into them, so it's fun to imagine what in the world I'd do if, say, a hot bearded guy in a kilt started showing up at my inn amid weird magical happenings.

Why do you like them to respond with humour, open mindedness and passion?

That's how I try to approach the world. I want to get engaged with the things and people I care about, hold back judgment as I gain understanding, and remember to laugh whenever possible.

What is next for you?

I have a new release out from Totally Bound. It's an erotic short story called "Bent out of Shape" and it centres around a yoga lesson at the billionaire's mansion that goes awry. It was so much fun to write! My current WIPs are an as-yet-untitled contemporary erotic ghost story and my first erotic fantasy novel, tentatively called "Wagon Wheel." Dimensional travel, gladiators, and magic - three of my favourite things! I'm brewing up book three of my Prescott Woods series as well. It's going to be a magical, romantic winter.


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