We live in a society, where we have grown up believing that aches and pains are just part and parcel of being pregnant. However there really are practical techniques that can be used to help support your changing body as well as mindful and breathwork exercises that than can help support the ever-changing hormones and anxieties that can accompany our pregnancy journey.

The Little Book of Self Care for Mums-To-be

The Little Book of Self Care for Mums-To-be

Being very intentional with your self-care will benefit you hugely during your pregnancy. Here are our top five tips for supporting yourself through each trimester.

1/ All the feels:

Understand that it is ok to feel that there is a huge shift happening in your life. That your body is no longer your own temporarily and that you are going through one of the most pivotal experiences that you are likely to have in your whole lifetime. Pregnancy is incredible and magnificent, but it can also be extremely tiring and at times challenging on both our body and mind. Talking these feeling through will help them feel more manageable.

2/ Check yourself:

The aches and pains that start to creep in during pregnancy, are our bodies response to carrying the extra weight of the baby, water and placenta, the changing hormones that increase muscle laxity and also the change in your centre of gravity. All in all your body is working hard, so treat it kindly, and book in for a massage, see a physio or osteopath or ask your midwife for an NHS referral. Often these aches and pains can be nipped in the bud fairly easily if you get them checked out quickly.

3/ Rest:

We’ve all heard of the term bone tired, but it’s not until you’ve been pregnant that you really understand the meaning. It’s important to realise that this is your body’s way of asking you to slow down so that it can work hard to grow your baby. This can be particularly noticeable in the first and final 12 weeks of pregnancy.


We know that in the early weeks it often feels like you are living of carbs, or anything that your sensitive first trimester system can handle, but as the weeks go on, you are most likely to be able to return to eating a varied diet. We highly recommend that where possible you start your day with a smoothie that gives you an instant nutrient boost to set yourself up the right way. And as always – don’t forget to stay hydrated!

5/ Breathe

Taking some time out to focus on your breath can help quell the overwhelm, centre yourself in the here and now, release tension from your body and encourage a lovely surge of oxytocin (the love hormone). It is important to practise breathwork throughout pregnancy, as it is a vital tool for labour, and will help keep you calm and focused.

In our experience of working in cultures where women are really nurtured and look after their ever-changing body during pregnancy, not only do they seem to have quicker recoveries postnatally, but they also seem to feel more level hormonally. So, caring for yourself the right way now, really does pay off later.