There's a new type of hunk happening in fiction and he's coming to sweep you off your feet (but don't worry, he'll help you back up again). Strong and protective, yet sensitive and forward thinking, he's the type of guy who gives you roses on your birthday and he doesn't spend hours doing his hair. He's unashamedly masculine in a lot of ways, he likes his beer, fast cars and weekend footy with his mates but he's also enlightened enough to be able to respect and therefore truly like women.

Blood Hunger

Blood Hunger

We'll call him New Alpha and he's secure enough in himself to know why being a gentleman is still important. He doesn't dress like he's raided Russell Brand's wardrobe, or spend longer getting ready than you do. Don't get me wrong, New Alpha is perfectly happy to find his way around an ironing board and he fully expects to pull his weight around the house. But though he's happy to do his bit and let you take the lead he also knows when chivalry still matters too and will happily pay for dinner because it makes him feel good and you like it.

Take Dillon, the hero of Blood Hunger, my latest novel. He's protective when he needs to be but never ever overbearing, stepping in to use his physical strength and powerful presence to rescue Lola, my vampire heroine from danger when she really needs him too. He's quietly confident, dominant in all the right ways, and he doesn't take himself too seriously, and it's these qualities that help to create the heady and unique chemistry that makes the pair's romance crackle and pop with tension. Dillon slowly peels back Lola's hard shell of defensiveness, revealing a surprisingly soft and submissive side. Only a New Alpha like Dillon could cause a modern and classy, independent babe like Lola to yearn to submit, but when she does, oh boy do the sexual sparks fly.

We need New Alpha's like Dillon because we've now got to a point where we can really choose how we run our lives, careers, and relationships, sex lives, and as a result we now want men who truly compliment us, enhancing our femininity, desires and independence. We don't need immature perennial lads, spineless walkovers, or selfish, self-obsessed poseurs, but neither do we need overbearing old school hyper macho types who expect dinner on the table by five pm.

That's why New Alpha fits the bill so perfectly. After years of skinny indie boys, new lads, and mirror hogging metrosexuals who use more fake tan than you do, New Alpha is like a breath of fresh air. Happy to don a chunky cable knit sweater, classic Levis and Timberlands, and run a razor over his face, with maybe just a splash or two of Aramis, New Alpha is groomed but he doesn't need to try too hard and he's more than happy to let you be the princess. Fiction has long cottoned on to the appeal of the New Alpha, just look at Pride and Prejudice's Mr Darcy, who could practically serve as a 19th century prototype NA. But just in case you were thinking NA is entirely fictional, you can take comfort in some celebrity examples too. Ryan Reynolds, Barack Obama and even our own Prince William are all classic New Alphas, from their dressed down, no fuss, smart casual attire to the low key yet quietly confident way they approach their love lives and careers, happy to let their partners shine when they need too.

New Alpha doesn't brag but he's no shy, retiring wallflower either. He's confidently masculine but it's a masculinity that's not oppressive just comfortingly protective and supporting. Does all this sound too good to be true? Well perhaps, but a girl can always dream of finding her own Dillon…

About Beck Robertson:

I'm a 35 year old London-based author and copywriter who harbours a fascination with vampires, fantasy worlds, and all things B-movie. I'm an erotica enthusiast and a fan of classic rock, with an avid interest in Tudor and medieval history. I've a probably unhealthy addiction to virtual reality, and am a self-confessed Game of Thrones geek.

As well as writing for Totally Bound, I've written a crime novel, several shorts, and two novellas and had some of my short length horror featured on The Midnight Circle podcast.

Blood Hunger Blurb:

Can a vampire with deadly enemies conceal her nature from her mortal lover when the pair are framed for a murder they didn't commit?

Raven-haired femme fatale Lola Devereaux is used to wrapping men around her finger, but when handsome Dillon Chambers walks into her life, passion sizzles between them. To her surprise, she finds she's the one who yearns to submit this time.

But Lola's keeping a dark secret. Lola is a vampire, and she fears that if Dillon finds out, he'll reject her forever, just like her mortal ex did.

Keeping a secret this big is hard enough, but when the urgency to feed causes Lola to make a serious lapse in judgment, an old enemy takes the opportunity to wreak revenge, putting Dillon in the frame for murder. Lola has to find a way to clear his name or risk never feeling his strong arms around her again.

Does one stupid error have to mean kissing goodbye to the only guy who makes her heart race? And is telling the truth really so incompatible with true love?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of public sex and spanking.