Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti

Stress is a growing global concern; How To Stress Less simplifies the effective management of stress in all aspects of your life, including Fitness, Nutrition and Well-being. It breaks down what you need to do to reign in your emotions and behaviours and implement some supportive strategies.

What are some of the things that can make stress worse?

Fail to take the action needed to bring it back under control; burring your head in the sand should be avoided at all costs.

What activities can you do on a daily basis to relieve stress levels?

Follow my advice; I start the day, as I mean to go on, and why wouldn’t I? Ensuring that I’m fuelled in a way that will support both my body and mind. I also enjoy an hours exercise before 8am, which kick-starts the body’s natural chemical release. This simple but effective plan can help anyone to relieve stress levels.

Why is technology a contributor to stress?

Technology is a fantastic way to communicate, however if not managed correctly can overrun your life. It’s important that we take a conscious choice to be “away” from technology, reminding ourselves that the world is more than social media, emails, text and work.

Why is being a stress free parent so important for your children?

Our children behaviours are a direct result of what experiences they have, they are masters of replication – it’s important to educate them in stress management and communicate well, avoid hiding stress or declaring it a weakness, but demonstrate that is a natural reaction and can be used to your advantage.

How can your body help the situation?

Nutrition and fitness are both areas that are usually dissociated from effective stress management, however they are the two most important factors. What you put in is what you’ll get out; it’s as simple as that – junk in, junk out. Your body has evolved over time to use the naturally occurring “stress” chemicals; sadly our way of life hasn’t evolved at the same pace. The fitter and more health conscious you are, the greater the chances of reducing your stress levels.

Why is a child leaving home such a stressful time in a parent’s life?

It’s that natural feeling of loss, or lack of control over the environments and experiences they will encounter. During this time it’s important to reflect and communicate with your child, ensuring they know that you are there in a supportive and caring role should they need you.

Please tell us a bit about your background.

I’m ex-military, father of two and passionate about the human ability to achieve.

What is next for you?

Every day offers a new and exciting adventure for me, I’m really looking forward to pushing my own boundaries and continuing to help others breakthrough theirs.


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