I know, it sounds crazy. How can fabricating a full length novel have anything in common with suffering endless miles along obscure trails-other than the actual suffering? But they're far more connected than anyone might think.

Kris Norris

Kris Norris

Let's start with how most of us discover the path to becoming an author. It begins with passion. I doubt many authors actually wrote their first bit of fictional magic with the intentions of pursuing the art as a career. For me, it started as an English assignment. The teacher gave us several lines and we had to pick one as the beginning of a thousand-word story. I remember wondering how I'd put together that many words without writing my name over and over on the page. But once I started, something strange happened-I liked it. In fact, I loved it. I surpassed the minimum count and was asked to send the story on to a contest. Now, I can't even remember if I did, but I can honestly say that was my first step down the road to becoming an author. A road that took far more turns than I'd like to admit.

Running's the same thing. I know, many of us jog because it's 'good for us'. Because when we envision exercise, it's the one activity that springs to mind. But what many of us discover along the way, is that we truly love doing it. Sure, there are days none of us want to don our shoes-wind blowing the rain sideways, temperatures dropping below zero. But for the most part, running is my happy place. It frees my mind. Makes me feel as if I'm capable of anything. And…it's been the source of more than a few great plot lines. What else is there to do for endless miles but work out the perfect dialogue in your next scene or finally figure out how the whole story ends? Hate to break it to you, but many of us don't know that much when we start out. We have a scene or a snippet of dialogue. Running has saved my butt more times than I can count.

But it's more than just falling into something by accident they have in common. Because running an ultrathon isn't something you do on a whim. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, an ultrathon is any distance greater than a marathon-so longer than twenty-six miles. The one I'll be running in a few short days is fifty miles long. Yup, fifty miles.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "you're nuts". Certifiably crazy. And maybe I am. But it's no different than setting out to write a novel. Trust me, writing fifty thousand words is no less intimidating than running all those miles. Like my ultrathon, you have to train. You start out writing a paragraph or two-anything to see some words on the page. Then you work up to half a chapter. Then a full. Sometimes by the end, you're so in tune with the project you can pour out five thousand words at a go.

But it's not all one giant success. You stumble along the way. Like blisters or lost toenails (yes, this is a thing-who knew?) you have obstacles along the way. Days where nothing sounds right, which equates to those runs where you're lucky to walk your ass back, let alone run. Days where you question your sanity, your worth. There're times in both worlds where you simply want to toss in that towel. Then it happens. You have that one run where you hit eight miles and everything becomes clear. You feel as if you could run forever. And you get it. That's often when that writer's block lifts, and you figure out the most brilliant of endings.

Crossing the finish line. That's the end game, but it really is the journey that's the reward. That perfect run, or the best comeback line for your hero…they're cut from the same cloth. So the next time you see someone slogging it down the road or the gravel trails in the park, and they're busy talking to themselves, keep in mind they might be working out the ending to your next favourite book.

Speaking of books, I have a new one just out with Totally Bound. Blood of the Wolf-Vampires. Werewolves. A dark prophecy. What could possibly go wrong?

Blood of the Wolf Blurb:

Ruled by instinct-bonded by blood.

A simple task-all Gideon had to do was find the guardian possessing the talisman he'd been sired to protect and keep them both safe until the first rays of dawn neutralized the power hidden within the pendant. Coupled with the fact he's one of an elite band of vampires-enforcers, chosen for their superior fighting skills and unyielding fortitude-the mission should have been Gideon's finest achievement. Except for the part where he's been searching for five hundred years and the only thing he's found is a loss of faith.

He didn't count on stumbling upon the girl in the midst of a full moon. Or that the bond between them would be more than just a necklace-a sense of honor. Driven by desire, the only thing that burns hotter than their need to touch, and taste, and claim, is their mutual inability to mark each other as mates.

A simple task that's quickly falling through his grasp. For how can a vampire truly bond with his mate if her very blood is poison?

About Kris Norris:

Author, single mother, slave to chaos-she's a jack-of-all-trades who's constantly looking for her ever elusive clone.

Kris started writing some years back, and it took her a while to realize she wasn't destined for the padded room, and that the voices chattering away in her head were really other characters trying to take shape-and since they weren't telling her to conquer the human race, she went with it. Though she supposes if they had…insert evil laugh.

Kris loves writing erotic novels. She loves heroines who kick butt, heroes who are larger than life and sizzling sex scenes that leave you feeling just a bit breathless.