With the release of Bond’s latest adventures in the movie Skyfall yesterday, we see the emergence of another James Bond book this September. It will be written by the British novelist William Boyd, the estate of Bond’s original creator Ian Fleming,  

Casino Royale was Fleming’s first book, published in 1953 which was followed by 11 more before he died at 56.

The plot of the book has not yet been revealed, however it was suggested that some of the style and setting adopted in Craig’s performance in Skyfall may be utilized.

It is rumoured that the book will feature a 45 year old Bond set in 1969.

The novel will be released on 26th September by Johnathan Cape, who was Fleming’s publisher, with availability from Harper Collins and in the US and Canada in October.

The worldwide sales of Bond total to over a hundred million copies and consequently the estate has requested several authors to be involved in the new story.

It has been two years since we have seen a bond book grace our shelves with Jeffery Deaver’s Carte Blanche in 2011 and before this in 2008 Sebastian Faulk wrote Devil May Care.

Boyd’s novel ‘Waiting for Sunshine’ came out last year. He is commended for his historical novels and complex plots, spanning from east Africa during the First World War to Los Angeles in 1936.

Boyd was reportedly excited about the offer of writing a Bond novel and revealed that he once used Fleming as a character in one of his novels.

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