1)   Born in the North East of England as the youngest of three girls, two sisters born before the second world war and following a long gap I was born after the war at a time where we had the freedom to roam, experiment and to use our imaginations.  Now live in Dubai, have done for many years where I worked in an international school until we moved to Doha where we lived for two years and where, after making the decision not to work, I started to write my stories before moving back to Dubai

C J Bentley

C J Bentley

2)   Always reading, my mother used to say, ‘she was born with a book in her hand’ and this still applies today, I usually have three books on the go at once and still enjoy reading under the bedclothes but with a kindle now instead of a torch

3)   Curious as a child, ‘Why?’ was my favourite word and still curious about people and how they and things work.  My father used to say I wanted to know the far end of a fart and where it came from….(think I must have been a pain as a child)

4)   Artistic, I love to paint and draw and visit museums and art galleries, much to my long suffering husband’s annoyance as he is not interested, (but then golf doesn’t interest me), never still, continually on the go doing something, really only quiet and still when writing

5)   Married for over forty years with three wonderful sons, all married to amazing girls and with three beautiful grandchildren, two girls and a boy all to number one son

6)   Project managing a property in France where we plan to retire, live in France each summer to escape the summer heat in Dubai

7)   Love to travel to new countries and talk to people about their lives, to find out about different societies, food, clothes and beliefs.  Been lucky to travel to amazing places in the world, met many interesting people and have friends all over the world.  My friends would say about me, ‘she only ever drinks two glasses of wine’ as I say about me, ‘two glasses and I’m anybody’s, three and nobody would want me!’

8)   Met my husband at a Church Youth Club where he attended the Senior Scouts in the attic rooms above when we were young things, eventually married and moved to a seaside town where our three sons were born

9)   Love a challenge in life, will not accept the word, ‘can’t’.  I believe it is good to do something new and exciting and out of your comfort zone for your self-respect and learning experiences

10) Always loved getting my hands dirty, from being a child making mud pies to working with clay at a potter’s wheel as an adult.  Can’t wear gloves as I like to feel the medium I am working with, love gardening so still getting my hands dirty

About the author: Originally heralding from a small village between Stockton on Tees and Darlington in the North of England author, C.J Bentley has travelled extensively and enjoyed living in a variety of countries across the world from Dubai to Doha, Qatar and now the countryside in the South of France. A background in teaching and childcare she has always enjoyed creating adventure short stories. However, it was when she became a grandma and with her grandchildren growing up  that she discovered that books seemed to contain only stories of vampires, zombies and farts that she decided seriously to take matters into her own hands and put pen to paper which today she calls The Finder Series

The first book, The Shield by C.J Bentley (published by Clink Street Publishing 18th July 2017 in paperback and ebook) is available to purchase from online retailers including amazon.co.uk and to order from all good bookstores.