The Interview

The Interview

The Interview is a sexy short story born from my love of watching cooking shows while I write. I knew what I wanted to write for the Whip It Up anthology call as soon as I found it. I had this idea of a classy, highly experienced and respected chef already in my head. She just needed a man to have some fun with as well, which is when I started getting the idea of a young chef ready to try to make a name for himself in her restaurant and under her command. This story came together easily, the character seeming as eager to talk to me as I was to tell their story.


How much has having a family of teachers aided your reading habits?


As early as I can remember I had already read the books we were assigned in class which frustrated my teachers I'm sure. But for me it meant that I could read whatever I wanted which at first was the classics then progressed into fantasy novels and romance. Very few teachers ever said no to me reading my own books instead of what the class was doing because I could also prove that I'd read it by giving detailed descriptions and an analysis of the book, which was something my grandmother insisted that I do with her each time I finished a new book. She thought that going through it like that would make it stick more in my mind and she was right.


You are a voracious reader so who are your favourites?


The first books I read on my own without someone picking out for me were the Billy and Blaze stories. I was in preschool and was already a horse crazy little girl. I devoured those and they remain some of my favourites. The Velveteen Rabbit was a book that I received for my birthday one year and it instantly became my go to story to read for years. Following that book was Watership Down which remains on my bookshelf even now. I also loved every book by Walter Farley and his Black Stallion series remains as one of my favourite set of books even now. Another well-loved book on my shelf is Jane Eyre. This was the first romance that I ever read and it spawned a love of classic romances. More recently I began reading erotic romances in my early twenties on the insistence of a friend who said I just had to try a few of her favourite authors. I have eagerly read books by J.R. Ward, Maya Banks, Lauren Dane, and Patricia Briggs. My favourite book of all time though, and the one I have had to replace most often because I've read it to the point of the spine falling apart, is Black Beauty. I have a very old copy that has a place of pride on my bookshelf.


When did your love of reading morph into becoming a writer?


When I was twelve I had a counsellor that was trying to help me through some tough times in my life when none of her methods seemed to connect for me she knew that I loved to read and so she told me to try writing my life events how I wished they'd gone. I tried it and liked being able to have a girl that wasn't bullied, one that passed that test she'd been trying so hard on, one that didn't cry when she had to get on stage, and one that actually fit in with the other girls. Writing became an escape for me then and whenever life got harder than I could manage I began to write from then on. Now it’s not only my escape or even just my dream, it’s my career and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to live the life that I do and get to experience the things that I have.


What attracted you towards counselling?


Originally I wanted to be a nurse because I enjoy helping people. But being a nurse aid in a busy setting meant that I couldn't spend time with the people there like I wanted to. Far more often I was simply running from room to room, mending moments but not actually helping in the long run. And then I met a woman in hospice that showed me that no matter what I did to help her body, it was her mind that needed to be healed. I sat with her for a long time and thankfully had co-workers that understood the importance of that moment as she and I laughed and cried until she was ready to go. I kissed her hand and she kissed my cheeks and thanked me for taking the time. I knew then that, although nurses are extremely necessary in the world, I didn't want to be one and that I could do more good for someone through talking to them.


Why do you believe that there is not one path to a happily ever after?


Families come in all different shapes and sizes and what works for one person won't work for even a handful of other people. I believe that as long as everyone has their needs met in a relationship, that it can work and be a beautiful thing. Monogamy, polyamory, polyandry, polygamy — it’s all a just a system for making meaningful connections with other people. The end result to each of those paths is love and to me that's all that matters.


What is next for you?


I decided that for 2014 I would finish each of my series before jumping into the swarm of new projects going on in my head. I have a few co-authored series that are coming out this year that won't be as easily completed since I unfortunately can't go around kidnapping my co-authors but for the books I have control over I've decided that readers shouldn't have to wait any longer to see those relationships completed.


You can purchase The Interview from Totally Bound.


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