1: I love to write.

My books are about life, love and laughter. Before my books I had different careers as a Civil Servant, Psychotherapist, NLP Trainer and Founder of a company selling Fairtrade and Ethical products including fashion and beauty.

Carole McCall

Carole McCall

2: My head never stops.

I have total recall of my life. I have always been an insomniac and I remember sights and sounds and feelings. The first time I saw a picture of what my head feels like was when I watched Riley in the film Inside Out!

3: I love to travel and need music in my life.

Cruising down the Pacific Highway: " Hotel California" by the Eagles.

Dancing round the kitchen with the Man : "Sharp Suited Man" by ZZ Top

To fire myself up: " Push the Button" by the Sugar Babes.

To visualise living in Spain: " High Sierra" by Boz Scaggs .

To pull myself together: " Do your thing" by Basement Jaxx .

To squeeze my heart: A rendition of "Don't go to Strangers" by Amy Whitehouse and Paul Weller.

When I write: Spanish guitar music and Mozart.

4: The people who appear in my books.

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a great aunt, a niece, a cousin, a friend and until recently a daughter. My very best thing though is that I am a Granny to seven delightful small people. I love that I can keep in touch on social media with people all over the world.

5: I believe in love.

I believe in romance but I also believe in the power of passion. Next time you are making love take a moment to look at your lovers face and notice how wonderful it makes you feel. Be present in the moment and keep that anchor in your heart to feel treasured on another day.

6: I am a Feminist.

When I was a young Mum in the seventies with a career and a large house I came across a book. It was called " The Women's Room" by Marilyn French. It started me thinking……

7: I love to cook and hoard recipe books.

My favourite places to eat: San Francisco; Barcelona for tapas; Hawaii for fruit; Mexico for Margaritas; and Horse Shoe Bay for fish and chips.

8: I believe life is for living.

You are YOU whether 13 or 73. You will not feel any different so wear what you like and dance round the kitchen every day. Even if you don't feel like it ACT AS IF and you will get those neurons firing.

9: I love fashion.

I have every piece of clothing I have ever owned. I have just counted my shoes. I have 57 pairs!

10: Who am I?

A blonde who was a brunette, a Northerner who lives in the South. I love to laugh and dance but I have had M.S. since my twenties I have been most things in my life. I hope my stories touch your heart and make you smile.

Carole McCall is the author of The Generation series of memoirs including: "The Communication Generation" (Feb 2016); "The Boomer Generation" (May 2015); "The Lotus Generation" (2014); and "The Fourth Generation" (2014). Her books are published in paperback (£14.99 each) by Arena Books and available through all good bookshops and internet booksellers.