Demolition of the Heart

Demolition of the Heart

When people ask me what I write I often get a funny reaction when I say erotic romance. Some don’t approve of the erotic part, while others don’t think romance is a form of writing to be taken seriously, not like Tim Winton, Bryce Courtney or Colleen MacCullogh’s beautifully crafted tomes. But I believe it is a privilege to spin a tale of romance achieved against all odds because we all have, as human beings, the desire to find that one person to love and who will love us back, a soul mate to share the journey through life with.

We know in reality not all relationships are happy or endure for any length of time and while this is sad, it’s a fact. But I doubt any of those who fail to maintain their relationship loved any less, or any less deeply, in the beginning or went into their relationship believing any less that it would be forever than those counterparts who have remained happily together for fifty or sixty years.

When I wrote Demolition of the Heart it was important to create a heroine that would touch the hearts and minds of my readers. I wanted to reflect her passion and her struggles in such a way as to tug at the heart strings. To have you come to care about what happens to her and to share in her joy and sense of satisfaction when she finally overcomes the obstacles to finding true love.

Of course there are obstacles for the feisty and impetuous Kayla Mackenzie, a young woman from a privileged background, who has already been dealt some hard lessons in love, loss and the burden of having a prestigious pioneering family legacy to live up to.

We all carry baggage and come to our relationships with preconceived ideas and well ingrained values and beliefs, but unfortunately love and lust, at times, does not take into account the chasm of difference that might lie between two lovers or the outside influences that will exert forces on the relationship.

The hero of Demolition of the Heart, Wade Faxton, has as much baggage as Kayla, but the real obstacle between them is her beloved heritage home which he intends to demolish. I was inspired by a real battle of a pioneering family to save a piece of property from developers and how the whole town got behind them to stop the project. Kayla not only loves Ainsley House, but also feels a sense of duty to her late grandmother to preserve it, as they did. Wade is legally committed to destroy the house and build a resort, but his love for Kayla makes him delve deeper into the background of the deal he has signed in an effort to clear his name and the way for him to be with Kayla.

When they discover there are devious influences at work behind the scenes that place their love and their lives at risk Wade and Kayla come to the conclusion that nothing is more important than their love, even the saving of Ainsley House, or the success of his project.

It is rewarding as the author of Demolition of the Heart to be able to share the struggles of the hero and heroine as they work to overcome the confusion, misunderstandings and doubts that stand in the way of true love. To bring an appreciation of the growth and maturity that comes to both of them both as a result of their love for each other and their commitment to that love.

We all know that love shared with the right person can help ease past angst, change beliefs and add a depth and richness to our lives that we might never have experienced if that person had not come into our lives. We are changed as a result of knowing and loving this person and by the effort it takes to build richly rewarding and loving relationship.

Of course most of us won’t have our property stolen, our trust fund embezzled by our only surviving relative, our friends murdered or be cast away at sea in a leaky boat to drown in shark infested waters, but most of us will face obstacles of various sizes that will block our path to true love and happiness.

And while Wade and Kayla’s story ends with a declaration of love, a proposal and a happily ever after — remember that life itself extends beyond the last page of the novel.

Don’t fall so far into the fantasy that is Demolition of the Heart and think that Wade and Kayla wouldn’t have to make an effort, compromise and make unselfish gestures of love to keep their love alive and thriving. I hope that my story will inspire, you, my readers, to always believe true love is possible, to look for it everywhere and accept and rejoice in it when it comes your way.





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