I have been asked about my eating habits by hundreds of people over the years, so I have finally decided to share my steps with the world. Based upon my personal experience and what has worked for me for all of my adult life - these are my 10 simple Step Lightly steps that I follow to stay SLIM:



Step 1. Know Your Nos - Knowing those foods and drinks that I need to say no to is vital. I monitor how my body reacts after ingesting certain foods and drinks. Some nos often consist of surprising ingestible items. One of my no foods is cucumber!

Step 2. It Takes Two - It takes two full meal options per day, along with a Step Lightly third option, for me to stay slim. Simply put: If I have a Step Lightly breakfast option, then I will also have a full lunch option and a full dinner option. If I have a full breakfast option, then I will also have a Step Lightly lunch option and a full dinner option.

Step 3. Test Your Tastebuds - There are thousands of foods and flavours to sample from the numerous cuisines around the world, so I like to test my tastebuds, experiment and enjoy! But I Step Lightly, both with my taste buds and my intuition. When trying new foods and flavours, I test a tiny amount - testing not only the tastes, but the smells, as well as the look of the foods, and how I feel about them intuitively. If I sense they are not for me, they usually prove not be.

Step 4. Bless The Belly - I only have one belly, and it needs to last me my entire lifetime. It is estimated that the approximate size of an adult human stomach is that of a fist. One bowlful, or one plateful for each meal is enough. Any more than that and I will overload my system. Regular overeating can cause the stomach to stretch, resulting in a need to eat more to feel full. The human intestine - the long tube that runs from the stomach to the anus - is approximately 20 feet long, and only one inch in diameter. Everything I consume travels through this delicate channel. I keep this in mind to avoid overeating and keep my belly blessed!

Step 5. Snack Savvy - Snacks, I believe, are important, so long as they are healthy. I have listed just a few of my favourite healthy snacks that I can enjoy any time of day. These types of snacks I often take with me in my bag when I am travelling too: ready salted crisps, kale chips, almonds, rice crackers, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, celery, banana, red apple, watermelon, pomegranate seeds.

Step 6. Sweet Savvy - I have several favourite sweets and treats, and it’s good to enjoy them from time to time. I personally don’t feel it’s good or necessary for me to have my favoured sweets and treats on a regular basis though. Sugar, I feel should be had in moderation only. I don’t have sugar in my drinks, or on my cereals. I don’t add sugar to anything that I eat or drink!

Step 7. Sup Savvy - On the whole, I tend to keep to clear drinks, and ones with the least sugar. I drink still water all day, every day. When I have alcoholic drinks, I keep to a maximum of two drinks for the entire evening - these are my Step Lightly favourites: vodka and sparkling water, gin and soda, champagne.

Step 8. Practice Peace - Stress triggers many negatives: anxiety, anger, food cravings, dis-ease, and health problems. Peace has a good effect on mind, body, spirit and health. I choose to be peaceful. I try not to allow anyone to steal my peace. I train myself to be in peace using these practices: meditation, non-violent in my thoughts, words and actions, loving and forgiving myself and others, being patient and compassionate with others.

Step 9. Happiness Heals - I began long ago my very own pleasure trip to discover all the things that make me happy. I found contentment by acknowledging all the good in my life and in the world around me. Being joyful and choosing happiness heals heart, mind, body and soul. Cheerfully and with positive plans, I continue to uncover the myriad wonders that lift my spirits.

Step 10. Love & Let Live - I do my best to care for myself and others. I am charitable, I tithe, I eat a harmless diet as part of aiming to live kindly and karma-free. As a sentient being myself (having the ability to suffer) I do not wish to be murdered and eaten for food. Feeling this way about myself, it stands to reason thus that I do not wish for any other sentient being to be murdered and eaten for myfood. Hence my choice to retain a lifestyle without eating meat or fish. Other Beings have the same right to live as me. I choose to love and let live!

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