Many of us have been brought up with the notion that a Psychic Medium is an eccentric woman in flowing clothing, staring intently into a crystal ball. Popular culture has done an excellent job of creating this stereotype. Conjuring up images of storefront charlatans who are a little unusual and on the edge of reality. The truth is often so much different. As psychic mediumship has become much more mainstream, people are opening their minds to the possibility that there is credibility to this work. Many are starting to understand that being able to tune into spiritual gifts of intuition and non-physical energy sources is not magic, but an intentional way to receive guidance, coaching, and healing support.

Closer to Paradise

Closer to Paradise

When people first meet me and learn about my line of work, they are often surprised at how “normal” I am. And while there are times when new acquaintances appear to be somewhat uncomfortable with the information about my work as an Intuitive Medium, most are inquisitive and curious about just what this all means. Often one of the first questions that I’m asked, is what it’s like to channel the energy of a soul that has transitioned into non-physical. For me, it feels like a cool breeze passing through, and then it feels as if I’m being plugged into their energy. I often describe it as the sense that I can “dial-up” the non-physical and directly connect, as if calling them on the phone. This connection provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between the seen and unseen.

What’s the first thing that comes through? Their personality. Very often, the non-physical will show me aspects of their personality that are easily recognized by the client. Since most of the energetic connection comes into me first as a feeling, and then is translated into words, I often feel how the person was when they were alive. If they were a significant presence for example, I will feel their energy as large and taking up a lot of space. If they were known for their sense of humor, I will sense a joking or jovial energy. This allows me to confirm with my clients that I’ve established a connection to the soul or souls that they are interested in communicating with. The process itself is easy and gentle. It’s much like getting together over a cup of coffee with good friends. Even if there was a traumatic passing or things left unsaid between the physical and non- physical clients, the process is often filled with love, respect, and grace. There has never been a time when I was unable to connect with a specific non-physical soul. There have been times when a soul was not ready to have a full-on conversation and one time when a soul sent an intermediary to speak on their behalf, but there is always a connection. On the flipside, I also give clients guidance to set an intention at the beginning of our session, if there are family or friends who have crossed over, that they do not want to connect with for any number of reasons. This creates an energetic, safe boundary which allows for the client to co-create the experience and direct it in the ways that feel most honoring and least triggering to their well-being.

As I begin each session, I provide space and the opportunity for the non-physical to share any information that they would like the client to hear or know. Very often the messages and sentiments are both healing and uplifting. Other times, based on the circumstances around the passing, there may be more information given or shared and their experiences explained. As the session flows, the clients and their loved ones often enter conversational rhythm that is both direct and purposeful. My own recognition that I could bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds came almost 2 decades ago when my grandmother passed away. Very shortly after her death, I started to feel her presence around me. I could smell her perfume. She often showed up as a “passenger” while I was driving in my car. The experience felt gentle and natural. It was like she had never left the physical world. As I became more comfortable with her presence, I started to have conversations with her and felt as though I was hearing her responses. The beautiful gift of this experience was that it created a safe and easy opening for me to explore this connection in ways I hadn’t before her passing. This was a big leap of faith for me, as I haven’t always been able to embrace this gift. In fact, at times I didn’t consider this connection a gift at all. While my grandmother’s spirit was the catalyst for me to accept this gift of connection, I had known it and had shut down this avenue of communication for much of my early life experience.

I was raised in a conservative, religious household, where the message, both spoken and unspoken, was that connecting to any energy outside of God and the church was wrong. And that by doing so would bring dark energy to our family. It scared me. I wanted nothing to do with this type of connection, no matter how often it was poking at my soul. As I began to explore this connection with my grandmother’s passing, I had to also come face-to-face with my learned belief systems and find a way to heal my past so that I could embrace this future. A big turning point for me came when, ten years ago, my then teenage son slid into a severe mental health crisis. During this experience, I was forced to look at every aspect of my life. What resulted, was the need to explore how authentically I was showing up in the world and how I could use my truth, my voice, and my gifts in a way that felt resonant with my soul. I learned to advocate for my son, and in turn, learned to advocate for myself. Even more importantly, it became clear that speaking my truth, even if it made others uncomfortable, was one of my biggest lessons and eventually a superpower.

Even if that path felt uncomfortable and quite a bit unorthodox, I know that without having gone through this crisis, it may have taken me a lot longer to learn how to stand solidly in my truth. There was a time, during my son’s battle, when I wasn’t sure he would survive his illness. It was during that time that I leaned into the connection with grandmother’s spirit as a form of support and guidance. This not only helped to reinforce the reality of this line of communication, but also encourage me by creating a level of confidence that opened the lines of communication for clients seeking to connect with their loved ones.

Amy White is an International Best-Selling Author, highly sought after speaker, and Intuitive Medium on a mission to help individuals heal the past, discover personal truths, and thrive. Amy's one-on-one coaching, digital courses, and public talks allow audiences to gain a deeper understanding of the beliefs that are blocking their most authentic lives. Her insights and techniques help usher in big, bold changes and more subtle "ah-ha" moments that lead us closer towards our dreams.