“What is funny?”

“What is funny?”

There is no canned laughter, this is a celebration of the absurd.

On the lasting demise of the former, I shall sing my joy loud.

As for the latter, my praises must be shared and heard;

such a noble tradition (remember The Goons) should be proud.


Monty Python (still going strong) and our own Billy T James.

“What is funny?”, the question must go. The answers are perhaps

as many as those who answer. Here is mine: humour is quixotic, not tame,

mercurial with shades of dark; it arises out of context and circumstance.


Genuine comedy is seditious, delicious and sharp, cunning and calmly calculating;

a gossamer thin boundary between serious commentary and farce:

almost a Zen-like state of being and not being funny; too little or too much it will fail.

Play the material, if it’s good it should work. Juggle the components, do not shirk,


no it’s not easy; no one said it was. Practice makes perfect (maybe

in the abstract), reminiscent of the emperor’s clothes: create the illusion,

feed the conceit; then with a flourish of a matador’s cape expose him

to be naked - devoid of embellishment or disguise, confuse the wise.


While the terms might be applied, it is neither light nor dark, vibrant in its shades.

bursts into life in the moment: a balance of pace, grace, timing and the artist’s touch.

It a deft and delicate dance. As a matter of staging, it is a challenge.

Counter intuitive plays the best. “Always look on the bright side of life?”

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