I’ve been storytelling from the moment I could speak.

 I was the one around the campfire telling stories to frighten the other kids. The one watching a scary movie and laughing with glee rather than hiding under the seat.

D K Hood

D K Hood

I love writing crime thrillers.

The moment I write the last sentence, another three plots have formed in my head. I consider being an author and sharing my stories as one of the greatest gifts a person can have.

What inspired me to write?

I remember watching an old black and white movie with Abbott and Costello. One of the lines of dialogue sticks in my mind and conjures so many plots I have difficulty keeping up with them all: “ OOhh, I knew I’d never be satisfied until I had his blood running between my fingers…so slowly I turned step by step, step by step I crept upon him.”

I spent twenty years as an All Breeds International Cat Judge.

I went on to become Tutor Judge and President of The Queensland Independent Cat Council. I resigned last year to devote my time to writing.

I was born at home in front of the fireplace.

On the floor in a Georgian house in London during a blizzard.  Three years later under a compulsory purchase order the government knocked down the beautiful house built a school in its place. Maybe I should sent the principle one of my books.

I love the beach.

I spend as much time as possible walking in the sand and having a paddle. It is a great place to think and plot stories.

I am fascinated with Forensic Science.

Give me a good book on blood spatter or the latest methods to uncover trace evidence in a crime scene and I’m happy. Studying the subject has been a dream come true.

I still have the teddy bear given to me the day I was born.

I still treasure it, even with no fur and a wobbly head. His name is Teddy Bear. He the only memory I have of my parents.

I really enjoy writing the scary bits in my stories.

I have a plot but dance around it to keep it interesting.  Sending people into dark cellars with murderers or into forests at night gives me goose bumps. I love it.

My characters are important to me.

In my head, they are like real people. I can see them and writing for me is like watching a movie unfold in my head.  Jenna Alton and David Kane are people with secrets. They both have problems to overcome like everyone else. Riding the rollercoaster of emotions with two people fighting crime, for me keeps it real. What I have to put them through scares me.