Downloading as the clock struck twelve.

Downloading as the clock struck twelve.

Kindle owners, waiting queued up in the dark were among the first to get their downloads of Dan Brown’s new novel ‘Inferno’ last night with many thousands receiving their pre-ordered eBook as the clock struck midnight.  The clusters of eager readers can be seen holding up their devices outside Big Ben in London and in Glasgow.


The book has been in the Amazon bestseller list since it became available to pre order back in January, which outsold the pre orders for his last release The Lost Symbol by 24%.

With the release of Inferno, his other books have expectantly seen an increase in sales going up by 340% when compared to year on year sales; namely Angels and Demons, The  Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol,  Deception Point and Digital Fortress, two of which were made into films starring Tom Hanks.


Inferno’ is located in central Europe where Robert Langdon is sucked into the mystery that surrounds one of the most important literary pieces in history.

Langdon awakes in hospital to find he has no memory of where he has been and he cannot offer an explanation as to where the suspect object in his belongings came from. His life is put in danger and with the company of Sienna Brooks a young doctor, they flee to Florence. Langdon’s knowledge of disguised portals and historical pathways once again allows them to escape from those that chase them.

The only thing in their favour are the words they have from Dante’s ‘The Inferno’. The pair need to unlock hidden codes that are embedded within historical artefacts, such as sculptures, paintings and buildings which once open, they are not entirely convinced will save the world. 


“Many Dan Brown fans began downloading ‘Inferno’ at the stroke of midnight.” said Jorrit Van der Meulen, VP Kindle, Amazon EU. “We thought the Dan Brown frenzy had hit its peak, however judging by the pre-order sales it is clear ‘Inferno’ could be even more popular than his previous novels.”


*Bestsellers list based on the book chart and eBook chart combined



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