H C Brown

H C Brown

Dance to the Wolf is set in a mythical medieval time with a twist.  Sky Lords have visited long ago and exchanged knowledge for gold, so a few modern luxuries pop up beside knights on horseback. I set the story in this fantasy world to make it a little different to other books. The main story is about a slave, Eton. His master sells him as a pleasure slave and he finds himself working in the sin city of Tennabolt Gate.


Eton’s mate is Raz, the alpha of the Tull Pride, a white tiger shifter. It is Raz’s intention to free his mate from slavery but he arrives late at the auction and has no idea where his mate’s new master has taken him.


After searching for his mate, Raz is unable to prevent Eton’s new master selling him to the Lycaon, Alverez ( an alpha werewolf).


Raz has few men in his pride after a war between the shifters and the werewolves and this problem prevents him from charging into Alverez’s fortress and rescuing his mate. He has no option but to leave Eton in the werewolf’s clutches until he can attempt a rescue on the full moon. He sends his sister into the fortress in the guise of a cat to help Eton survive. Eton has never morphed and if he loses control inside the werewolves den, it would mean instant death.


In contact by telepathy, Raz forms a plan for Eton to escape but heavily outnumbered the odds of success are against the Tull pride.


Dance to the Wolf, is exciting and fast paced. There are multiple partner sex scenes as well as tender love scenes, and some BDSM themes.  This is a graphic story but life as a werewolf’s sex slave would be horrific don’t you think? I must point out here, that at no time is my sweet character, Eton, raped or misused but I do make the reader live through everything Eton has to endure, fear….and enjoy, including his awakening as a tiger and his deep love for his mate.


Both exiting, terrifying, and yet beautifully tender this is a story about enduring love and trust.



This is the first in the Tull Pride Series, so can you tell us about the second instalment?


Dance to the Wolf is a standalone story but I have left hints of books two and three toward the end of the story.


To defeat the werewolves and free the people of the Five Gates from Alverez’s brutality, Raz needs the help of other shifters. An ancient text tells of a pride of half Fae, half shifters who have magical powers. The second story is about Raz’s brother travelling into an unknown realm to seek the help of this pride. It is an adventure packed with excitement and of course love.



The book has been compared to Kindle Alexander and KC Wells, so how does this make you feel?


I ‘ve never been compared to another author before, so this is unusual. How does this make me feel? Hmmm. I’d prefer to be known for my own style, which I always believed was unique.   My style/ voice does change, so my editors inform me, to whatever genre I am writing. I apparently have four distinct voices and have been successful in all of them so I must be doing something right.  LOL. I do have respect for both these authors, so if my paranormal voice compares to them, that has to be a good thing.


You have delved into a lot of genres in your fiction so do you have a favourite?


I don’t think many people know I have three pen names. My first published book was a mystery, Murder by Design.


As H.C. Brown I write erotic romance in a wide variety of genres both M/F and M/M.


I love fantasy/ paranormal and building worlds and characters directly from my imagination without restraints.  Dragonfae & The Soul Catcher is one example of a tender fantasy love story, super novel I wrote last year and is published by Total-E-Bound.


M/M BDSM is something I really enjoy writing, I write this genre when I need a break because the stories flow like butter on hot toast.


Of late, under my pen name Elizabeth M Darcy, I’m having great fun writing sensual historical (Georgian) M/F romance. I love writing about handsome Highlanders, adventure and love.


What is your writing process?


I’m a pantser, so I write without a net. I make every effort to write daily. I write one day and usually edit the next.  I have critique partners and BETA readers to look over my work, and then I polish the manuscript until it shines.


Which authors have been your biggest influence over the years?


Sandra Brown and Diana Gabaldon.


Why do you like to write about strong alpha males?


I believe a reader loves a strong handsome man, an alpha with flaws and a sense of humour. I don’t like my characters to be perfect—perfect is boring. To have a strong man completed by the love of his life is my aim in all my stories.


Why do you love a good happy ending?


I’ve read many bestselling series that don’t have a happy ending and/or some of the main most loveable characters are killed off in the last story. As a reader, I feel emotionally cheated and saddened after reading seven books or whatever and then discover the ending is disappointing. So, I make my endings as beautiful and romantic as possible. I want my readers to close one of my books and say. “Ahh that was lovely.” And maybe even reach for the tissues.


What is next for you?


I have many WIP. The historical I mentioned before, and the second and third in the Tull Pride (Dance to the Wolf) Series.  In between, I’ll be writing a new BDSM M/M series of novellas, titled Club Whips.




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