I’m smitten with crime. I thought it best to get this out in the open because I wouldn’t want any misunderstandings. If this revelation has triggered a bout of vertigo, please take a deep cleansing breath. I’ll wait a moment for the heart palpitations to peter to a stop. Rest easy. I’m not a serial killer on the loose, nor is this a confession from a jail cell. I’m quite reserved (and sane). I would never commit a murder. Aside from the fact that it is taboo and goes against everything in a safe and ordered world, the sight of blood makes me squeamish. I must look away whenever I receive a shot because I would faint otherwise. But plotting a murder. Now, that’s an entirely different matter. It poses an irresistible challenge for my imagination and sets my pulse racing.This evolved from my lifelong love affair with mysteries and thrillers. The intrigue is a siren call to my soul. I relish following the clues (and red herrings) to unravel the puzzle.

Viper's Nest of Lies

Viper's Nest of Lies

I am not British. I was born and live in New York. I’m the daughter of Romanian immigrants, but I have been an Anglophile since I was very little. I devoured books, television shows, movies, anything having to do with England and the U.K. The rich history and culture appeal to me.

I studied Journalism. I wanted to be a writer since I was nine years old. Journalism was the natural progression for me when I reached college. That’s why I thought a journalist would be the ideal protagonist for my series. A journalist is inherently inquisitive and persistent when it comes to uncovering the truth. Combine these qualities with stubbornness and you have Emmeline. As readers know, her probing questions get her into perilous predicaments. I also wanted to create a portrait in contrasts. So, I have Gregory as a jewel thief. He not only tests the boundaries of the law but Emmeline’s dedication to justice.

I love travelling. It’s refreshing and stimulating to visit new places and to speak with the local people. I always learn new things when I travel. Setting plays a prominent role in my books. I consider it an important character all its own. One that helps to establish the tone and propels my stories. I get many ideas from the sights and sounds of a city or an area that has made a strong impression on me. I like to make the reader feel as if he or she is walking in my shadow.

I like the fog. This may sound odd, but for me a good, thick fog is delightful and exciting all at the same time. I’m certain this affinity is an extension of my enjoyment of mysteries and spy thrillers. In movies from the 1930s and 1940s (which I adore), all manner of deception took place in the dead of night in the fog. If I close my eyes, I hear footfalls echoing hollowly on rain-slicked pavements, each step coming closer and closer as a swirling froth of smoky vapor folds me into its moist embrace.

I enjoy classical music. The elegance of classical music stirs my soul. I marvel at how chords can be combined to produce such a purity of sound. The lyricism of the notes is imbued with passion and a panoply of other emotions. I tend to lean toward the Baroque composers: Vivaldi, Albinoni, Corelli, Tartini. I find Vivaldi’s pieces particularly enchanting. But one can’t forget such geniuses as Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Handel and Mendelssohn.

I drink tea. Wisps of steam curling up from the amber liquid. Ah, there’s nothing better to soothe the mind and the soul. Earl Grey is my favorite tipple. On special occasions, I savor a cup of Smuggler’s Brew Cornish Tea. I generally have my tea with lemon and sometimes a little honey. Alas, no milk as the British like it. When I’m in London, I always make a point of popping into the Twinings shop on the Strand. The minute I cross the threshold, I take a deep breath and inhale the delicate aromas of teas from around the world. They conspire to tempt my palate. Ooh, now I’m in the mood to sit down with a nice strong cuppa and a good mystery (of course). I’m sure you’ll understand that I have to say goodbye.

Daniella Bernett is a member of the Mystery Writers of America New York Chapter and the International Thriller Writers. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Journalism from St. John’s University. Lead Me Into Danger, Deadly Legacy, From Beyond The Grave, A Checkered Past, When Blood Runs Cold and Old Sins Never Die are the books in the Emmeline Kirby-Gregory Longdon mystery series. She also is the author of two poetry collections, Timeless Allure and Silken Reflections. In her professional life, she is the research manager for a nationally prominent engineering, architectural and construction management firm. Daniella is currently working on Emmeline and Gregory’s next adventure.

Visit www.daniellabernett.com or follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008802318282 or on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/40690254-daniella-bernett