By author and conspiracy researcher David Icke

David Icke

David Icke

Scan the night sky and what do you see? A vast array of lights, planets and stars. Anyone think we’re all alone?

The very thought would seem ridiculous, but in this inverted world the opposite is the case for many. To suggest that life other than human has emerged amid that nightly light show (and beyond) is to be considered strange, weird, even mad.

After all, who would believe in ‘little green men’? Well, not me although given the potential of infinity I guess even they must have turned up somewhere.

Ignorance is the birthplace of absurdity. This is especially so with what I call the arrogance of ignorance – that perceptually destructive combination of unresearched opinion delivered with such narcissistic certainty.

A little balance is required here. According to mainstream science the electromagnetic spectrum is 0.005 percent of what exists in the universe. Tiny, eh? But we can’t even see that.

Human eyes can see only a smear of the 0.005 percent which science calls visible light.

That’s it – everything else is invisible to us because it lies beyond the frequency band that our sight senses can decode.

Even the nightly light show is only a fraction of what exists in what we call the universe and this is only one universe within a reality of infinite potential universes.

Until the 1920s the scientific ‘cutting edge’ (if only) believed the Milky Way was the only galaxy. Now they believe there is anything between 100 and 500 billion. In truth, the potential number is limited only to the potential of human technology to see them.

Planet Earth (the part we can see within the smear of 0.005 percent) is equivalent in size compared with the known universe to one billionth of a pinhead.

So is this pinhead in the universe the only place where life has emerged? Or, to pose an equally ridiculous question: Can you keep an elephant in a matchbox?

Beyond the fractional limits of human perception lie endless other ‘worlds’ or bands of frequency that interpenetrate our reality just as analogue radio and television stations share the same ‘space’ without being aware of each other.

We perceive ‘time’ from the apparent passage of events within our tiny band of experienced reality known as visible light, but ‘time’ and possibility are not the same everywhere. The realm of human experience is not at the forefront of potential possibility – far, far from it to say the very least.

Other expressions of life – what people call ‘aliens’ – exist with incredible diversity in other unseen bands of frequency with awareness and knowledge way beyond our own.

Some have been entering, exploring and manipulating our reality for aeons and they still are.

Ancient texts, legends and accounts all over the world have recorded their visits in the form of ‘gods’ appearing out of the sky. Given their high technology and abilities in a ‘primitive’ human age why would they not be perceived as ‘gods’ and the workers of miracles?

Vedic texts from India thousands of years ago give detailed descriptions of saucer and cylinder-shaped flying craft they call ‘Vimanas’ and so many concepts and texts that founded global religions were inspired by the experience and legends of technologically-advanced entities visiting the ancient world.

Texts written by Gnostic people in Egypt at least 1,500 years ago were found in an earthen jar near the River Nile in 1945 which describe at length the manipulation of human life by what they called non-human ‘Archons’ or rulers.

They said that Archons took a reptilian form and also one they describe as ‘like an unborn baby or foetus with grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes’.

This would appear to be a perfect description of the classic ‘Grey’ aliens of modern UFO legend in texts written more than 1,500 years ago. We are experiencing today the same extraterrestrial interactions that the ancients did – they are simply described in different ways.

Today’s ‘alien abductions’ in advanced flying craft (as described by so many worldwide) were recorded by the ancients as people taken into the sky or ‘to heaven’ by ‘god’ or ‘the gods’.

They are describing the same phenomena that modern so-called ‘abductees’ still do. 

One might ask why the authorities are well aware of this, but are not telling the human population. The world is not what we are told it is and the force behind the direction the world is not what we think it is.

Believing the human ‘normal’ to be the limit of possibility truly is the biggest mistake we can make.

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